Saturday, June 4, 2011

#0001 Forgetting why you are there

You may remember when you woke up this morning and the last time you ate chocolate ice cream. Some people do not, and that is an awful thing.
I'm not (necessarily) talking about senility, dementia, Alzheimer's and the rest of those clinically diagnosed degenerative diseases. What I'm referring to is that double-aha feeling you have when you walk into the bathroom to get something and don't have the foggiest reason why you went in there. The second whammy comes when the fear hits you that, because your father is suffering from severe dementia, you may end up fading to black, too - and this is just one of the first signs, so get used to it. Soon your life will be out of your hands and you'll be putting hair remover on your toothbrush because...because...a tube's a tube, right?
Looking on the bright side of forgetfulness, the people around you will have a much harder time dealing with you and your dementia than you will, so lighten up!


  1. *lach* - das foto ist super. wie hast du das "geschossen"? wirklich eine verzweifelte schräglage ... da bleibt nur der humor!

  2. Auf dem Wasenfest ist es nicht allzu schwierig, Schräglagen zu finden!