Thursday, June 9, 2011

#0004 Having too much

We have two of everything. Three children, so two of everything any of them might ever need: hats, water bottles, pencil cases, backpacks, bike locks, pairs of tennis/dress/all-weather shoes, stereos, every imaginable Playmobil and LEGO piece, remote control cars, treasure chests - and that's where things get hairy.
How can you treasure what comes so easy? I would have loved for my parents to spend money on me. Instead they spent time with me. I grew up making the most of what I had rather than losing half of what I had.
My children are in the unfortunate situation of having parents who want the best for them and think they need things to make them better. The only thing I see this opulence leads to is junk drawers, frustration and tears.

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